On the ‘Family Research Council’ & Dawson’s Creek

Heather Cirmo works for the ‘Family Research Council’, which is unfortunately another pseudo-scientific organisation that purports to know what’s best for individuals while backing it up with an assortment of near-science that almost continually says something rather different to the message that they want to give out. The latest piece of ridiculous nonsense that they’ve come out with concerns Jack’s kiss on Dawson’s Creek.

And I quote, “Science is inconclusive as to whether youíre born homosexual or whether it’s environmental. But the thousands upon thousands of people whoíve left the homosexual lifestyle demonstrate that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice rather than an inborn characteristic.”

One of the wonderful aspects of this kind of argument is that it only trusts the opinions of those who say that they have ‘changed’ from being gay, while completely ignoring the many hundreds of thousands of other gay people who haven’t. It doesn’t ask what the differences between the two groups of people might be in terms of pressure and or upbringing. It doesn’t have any basis for measuring whether someone is or isn’t gay other than self-declaration. It is, in a word, facetious and insulting to those of us who have battled to carve ourselves out a life under the near continuous snotty glare of those who would continually tell us that our lives are ‘corrupt’, ‘substandard’ or ‘immoral’.