My appeal for UCL students

My appeal for UCL students to drop me a note has brought a couple of e-mails to my door, one of which slightly alarmed me and made me re-examine my motives for doing so. So I examined them, and frankly they stink, but who gives a fuck, right?

Therapist: “So your attempt to ‘be there’ for the horrors of exam life for random students seems to me to be a substitute for your lack of ability to ‘be there’ for your Ex (a man, I might add, of clearly significantly lacking taste).”
Tom: “Why thank you Mr Therapist, I’m so glad you’ve noticed my finer qualities, and the absence of same in my bitter adversary (hey Peter!). So often these get left unnoticed. I always say that you have to do what you think is best, and I think I’ve stuck by that principle even when my thinking has been clearly butt-fucked by Satan.”
Therapist: “I do, however, think that you should question your motives when it comes to your perpetual baiting of the object of your Ex’s current misguided affections. It seems purely designed to make him angry and irritable.”
Tom: “Ah well, old therapist chum, I’m afraid you have me bang to rights there. But it’s only because someone told me he read my site. Don’t see why he should get all the insights into my mental functioning without a occasional slap…”
Therapist: “I think you should start coming every day, and having two hour sessions. I’m suspecting a certain lack of progress on several key issues here.”

So anyway, hey to Mark Detre – hope the exams go well. And similar thanks for the e-mail to Michelle Quah, who is dangerously honest about her exams on her site.