On my London bar of choice…

I hereby proclaim Escape, at the end of Rupert Street, to be my London bar of choice. It’s small, relatively free of attitude and full of pleasant-looking, relatively nice young men and women. I’ve been going for a while now – it’s not got the horrible desperate need of Rupert Street (the bar), nor is it as tacky as many of the cheesy gay places of Soho.

Anyway – I’ve been going for a while now semi-regularly. It’s actually a laugh, which is cool. And I’ve just started meeting people there as well. Which is, you know, also good. I went on Thursday with Nick H and his friend Scott, and it accidentally turned out to be the Miss Kudos Drag Queen competition. A more motley crew of drag-acts you wouldn’t believe. One of them had breast implants, no top and Marilyn Manson contact lenses in. One mimed (quite well) to Geri Halliwell.

I went last night as well – it was supposed to be a preamble to going clubbing, but I was exhausted from having been up all night writing reviews for the BBC. So by about midnight I wanted everyone around me dead. Which is a pity really, because there was a charming guy there called Will, [COMPLIMENTS EXCISED JUST IN CASE HE HASN’T READ THIS YET].