Thus spake Kyle Bradford: I

Thus spake Kyle Bradford:

I care about my reputation and my family’s feelings. Both were severely
hurt by the false and vicious stories that I had a gay sexual affair with Tom Cruise and talked about it in an interview with a French Magazine.

Firstly, I don’t know Tom Cruise and never said I did. Secondly, I’ve never given any such interview and have never even been to France where this “affair” supposedly started.

I haven’t the slightest evidence of Tom Cruise being gay, and I have
certainly never said any such thing to any magazine. Certainly I have never
indicated to anyone that I had any kind of gay liaison with Mr. Cruise.

I understand Mr. Cruise’s anger over this article. It is disgusting. I am
equally angry. If I can assist him in discovering the person or persons who
started this completely false story, I will.