Tom Total Life Rebuilding: So

Tom Total Life Rebuilding: So the process now is one of working through everything that is wrong in my life and reassembling it bit by bit from the fragments that remain. Stage one has got to be finding work, but this is a long stage and not a particularly productive one at the moment, so this has been downgraded in priority slightly to the more plausible, “work out what the next step is to be, and pay the bills in the meantime”. Stage two has been redetermining my relationship with the gay community, as seen in the development of new friendships with gay people, an increased relationship with the scene (and all its horrors) and an increase of gay-related entertainment (clubs, bars, meals and the like). This stage is proceeding admirably. Stage three concerns my environment, and the dragging of my flat into a habitable state that I am not ashamed of. The first part of this quest has involved a trip to IKEA [thanks to Davo, Meg and David], where although it isn’t easy to find stuff that will make you profoundly happy, it is very easy to find stuff to replace the things that depress you. Stage four is an increased emphasis on the production of things that I have respect for – and if they have to be outwith the working environment, then so be it. Stage five is sanity. And it will come with time.