Launching the Barbelith webzine…


Today, at 1pm GMT, the Barbelith Webzine was launched, after many many months of procrastination.

Destroy the evil GAP clones
“Thus began the GAP’s supervillianous campaign to end diversity and herd the world’s population into marketing categories.”
by Ralph McGinnis

Morrison’s Debt to Moorcock
Gideon Stargrave, King Mob’s possibly imaginary alter ego in The Invisibles, is based firmly upon Michael Moorcock’s ’60s cult hero, Jerry Cornelius.
by Lee Ravitz

Aum Shinri Kyo
“Clad in vibrant pink robes, Asahara preached about the coming apocalypse and how to survive it.”
by Grant Balfour

Chaos Magick in a Nutshell
“Life may be magickal in a nihilistic, incomprehensible way but it is still magickal.”

Queer Theory in a nutshell
“Queer theorists agree that sexuality is a historically specific construct and that our society oppresses those outside its categories of sexual normalcy”
by Jackie Susann

We are now looking for more features and opinion pieces – and for anyone who notices something horribly wrong to let me know (mail me)