Drinks with Ev Williams…

Er. Saw Ev and Cami for a drink last night with Darren, Meg, Matt and Davo. My colleagues were very difficult to organise in such last minute conditions – particularly as they had clearly decided to wind me up over AIM for about forty minutes. I finally met everyone at the Devonshire Arms, where we all ended up accidentally confusing our visitors by talking about British politics, children’s television series, Buffy and internal Uk Weblogging Gossip. Ev in particular looked like he was trying to find the best moment to slip some lithium into our drinks. Poor chap. We try to be entertaining – we really do. After a swift trip to Wagamama, we retreated back to the pub. En route I explained British Draconian drinking legislation and was met with astonishment and horror. It actually hadn’t occurred to me how strange our arrangment is. A couple of pints later and it was time to go home. Regrets? Not pumping Ev for all the low-down gossip and news from the US scene more effectively. Grrrr.