Evening in a Nutshell: Was

Evening in a Nutshell: Was late getting everything done, half-tidied bedroom, met Nick H and Davo at The Edge, drank a couple of drinks, behaved like idiots, had fun. Went to GAY, downed a couple of drinks, bumped into ****, bumped into Scott and friend. Danced like a maniac for an hour or so. Saw stunning man, stunning man engaged in ten minutes of full-body flirting, stunning man wandered off with boyfriend, got a bit pissed off, danced like an angry maniac, tried to get Nick to flirt with someone, tried to leave the dance-floor but they kept playing incredibly good crap. Saw stunning man while sitting and having a fag with Davo. Felt really tired. Davo leant me the money for a cab. Got cab. Got home, had sneaky shower. Talked to **** on AIM about his behaviour over the evening – decided he was a bit of an arse. Went to bed.