Gay ethical dilemma: You are

Gay ethical dilemma: You are a Catholic Conservative gay man – a commentator and writer for mainstream America. You have written a book called Virtually Normal, which is a frustratingly anaemic book advocating a very basic view of whatever the equivalent of liberal feminism is for gay people. You argue a lot about how the ‘Gay Plague’ is essentially over – how HIV and AIDS is not an epidemic. You also write a lot about how gay people should stop indulging in the hedonism of sex, dancing and drugs that the rest of the world believes it to consist of.

Now someone else disagrees with your politics – but more specifically believes that you are damaging the lives of gay man by denying a disease that directly affects them. That person has found out that you advertise for sex on the internet – that you advertise specifically for unprotected group sex. And they decide to tell the world. Which one of you is the bigger hypocrite? [Salon 1 | Salon 2]