I watched the election results

I watched the election results roll in until three in the morning, settled on my sofa with a shot-glass full of whatever was handy. I watched Peter Mandelson’s astonishing “Nerves of steel” speech. Watched Tony Blair lay it on as thick as it was possible to lay it on. Watched Sean Woodward look completely absurd when put under pressure. And Michael Portillo refuse to talk about the poll that said that recent ex-Tories didn’t want him as leader of the Conservative party. I’d have stayed up all night if I could have done. It was fascinating stuff.

And in the end everything came together as well as anyone could have hoped. William Hague is to step down, which can hopefully only mean that the Conservative party will return from the far excesses of right-wing politics at last. Charles Kennedy has brought the Liberal Democrats at least seven more seats, and Labour are in for an historic second term. Can’t do much better than that from my perspective.