I'm a little weirded out

I’m a little weirded out by the publicity surrounding Blogdex – particularly as it’s a basic retread of Beebo’s Metalog which is a long-standing favourite of Now there’s an article on it at Wired: Tracking Bloggers With Blogdex which makes an astonishing range of weird claims. There’s this one quote that I’m particularly weirded out by: “Marlow hopes Blogdex will give voice to individual webloggers by aggregating the interests of the community as a whole.” Seems to me that rather than giving a voice to individual webloggers, the site is actually taking traffic away from them by highlighting the most popular links. It’s not a celebration of weblogging, it’s a way of getting interesting links without actually reading them. And I still find it unlikely that out of 9,000 sites being tracked through it, the most popular link is only mentioned four times. The additional functionality that is supposed to be being built into it, of course, might prove me completely wrong. We might actually have a useful central place for webloggers to track what’s going on in the community. This could be tremendously cool. It will also, I fear, be hideously impractical and outside the remit of even MIT’s MediaLab. I mean – everyone has been hoping for a return of Blogger’s search facility for ages. That actually allowed the weblogger to see where they were being talked about and to respond to comments and criticisms. Build that into Blogdex and you might actually have something worth looking at…