The immortal Grant Morrison, the

The immortal Grant Morrison, the creator of the memes that have hollowed out my head and set up a house party there, is interviewed about New X meN over at I’ve not been particularly impressed by the series yet, but I always trust Grant to impress in the long-run – he’s never let me down yet.

Particularly important parts of the article for me were 1) realising finally that the new White Queen’s outfit is a full body suit with an X cut out of it (can’t believe I hadn’t noticed that) and 2) Grant saying: “Part of the new setup involves Professor X drafting a Mutant Rights Charter and sees the X-Men realigned not as super heroes, but as a kind of mutant equivalent to the Red Cross or UN Peacekeeping Force. They’re the people trained to deal with mutant-rights violations. They are educators, activists and warriors. They don’t need to be super heroes anymore, and I think the stories will be able to expand in some new directions because of that shift in perspective.” Suddenly, the X-men get interesting again.