Wired does a piece on

Wired does a piece on the SirCam virus, which I have been getting in my Inbox about three or four times a day for the last week or so. I’m not alone. Prol has also been suffering it. A couple of interesting paragraphs particularly stick my head: “Most current viruses resend themselves to everyone in an address book, or — in SirCam’s case — to addresses culled from Web pages that a user may have visited.” and “Hybris, commonly known as Seven Dwarfs and first spotted in October 2000, updates itself by downloading little pieces of code that allow it to perform new malicious actions.” I’ve had Hybris a hell of a lot as well. But while I keep being reassured that as a Mac user I am safe from destruction by such viruses, no one has yet explained to me whether or not I can become infected and pass them on – after all, I do use Office and Outlook Express.