An annoying problem for you

An annoying problem for you to work through (e-mailed to me by an old friend in Bristol and subsequently sent to

Imagine there are three doors in front of you. Behind one of the doors is a brand new iBook. Behind the other two lurk buckets of maggots. You want the iBook and you don’t want the maggots. There’s a doorman waiting to open one of the doors for you, but only one.

You decide which door you wish to open, and tell the doorman. He looks at you with a sparkle in his eyes and says he’d like to make it interesting. Turning to one of the doors you didn’t select, he whips it open to reveal a bucket of maggots. “There,” he says, “That should make it a little easier for you. Now do you want to stay with your first choice of door, or do you want to switch to the other one?” You look at him as if he were a drooling fool. Do you stick or do you switch?