Burglary update: So the neighbours

Burglary update: So the neighbours finally arrive back at their flat around one in the morning, and one of them gets scarily angry as I’m trying to explain what’s happened and the other one looks at me like I did it, and then bursts into tears. Once they’ve had a few moments to look around they come around for a cup of tea and I feel really responsible in some bizarre way because I had to tell them. They call the police for the follow-up meeting, but the police can’t do anything until the next day because of a suspect package on the A40. Kate, Mella and I gradually realise that they have a much more adult life than we seem to. I feel slightly embarrassed.

Once they’ve gone, I try to relax, but I’m completely wired and I don’t know why. My heart feels tight and buzzing and I can’t sit still or relax. I watch TV until everyone else has gone to bed and then fall asleep on some cushions on the floor for the second time in the last week.