So I'm at home watching

So I’m at home watching television and I’m really excited about watching Will and Grace because I’m obsessed that the two main characters can’t really be as dull as they actually appear to be, and I’m consumed with the sense that they might even one day be able to make me laugh. But no. They’re just there. Neither of them are people I’d want to hang out with. Supporting cast is, of course, another matter. But Will and Grace themselves? No.

And it’s the Halloween episode and it’s kind of shit and I start counting how many times I’ve laughed by about half way through the program and it isn’t difficult because it’s ‘1’ time and it remains one time until the end of the episode. Which is depressing. And half way through the damn episode they put an advert for the new Angel boxset on. And I listen and I get all tweaked because it’s out on Monday. Not that I want to buy it you understand, but because the Buffy boxset is also out then and I MUST HAVE IT. Who can I sell, I’m asking myself. Who can I sell to buy that. And then Will and Grace comes on again and rigorously sucks arse for another twenty minutes.

Buffy. Our love is god.