So I'm sitting on the

So I’m sitting on the tube from Liverpool Street and I’m frantically looking around for a newspaper or something that someone has left behind to stop me having to read Premiere for the fiftieth time (note to editors – Elijah Wood is very cute and interesting, but he’s not hot-and-sweaty sexy, which makes pictures like this one less erotic and more, er, upsetting – like taking naked pictures of children – you know?).

Anyway – so I look around and I pick up a copy of the Wall Street Journal that someone had left behind. First feature I see? ‘Dot-Com Hubris Remains Undaunted’, which is basically an entire article about how weblogging is a way of networking and building career, concentrating on Dan Sanderson (I’d link to his site, but I can’t because for some reason it seems to be down) and tools like Blogger and Userland. You can’t go anywhere nowadays without having the American press talk about weblogs. They get it, even if their British cousins don’t. More to the point, it occurs to me that my weblogging experiences don’t seem to have got me any work. Bastards.