Spread the word: "life is

Spread the word:life is the mayonnaise through which we squirt“.

And now to answer the call to action. Jason coincidentally put up a post about pre-web writings on the same day I stumbled upon a confessional diary of my teenage years. A few selections purely for the purposes of self-abasement follow:

Sunday 15th April 1990 “The problem with most people is that they are fixated with sex. Of course, I miss the ability to fit in with other people’s sexuality, but even homosexuals seem to categorise themselves solely by orientation. Going to gay bars seems to me to be a self-defeating idea. We will never be fully accepted if we always isolate ourselves in this way. With homosexuals, I suppose this is almost acceptable. I mean, our sexuality is repressed and constrained most of our adolescence and sometimes all our life. When released, sex could easily become the only thing on our minds. I vow now that this will never happen to me.”

Monday 16th April 1990 “Someone ought to tell my parents that having kids is more important than just having someone small and cuddly to look sweet when clean.”

Thursday 26th April 1990 “This day has been horrific. About 2 hours ago, I crashed and totally wrecked my car. God, I am depressed.”

Friday 27th April “The entire incident happened so quickly. I just popped out for a drive in my little car, thinking I could go and get some petrol. I got the petrol, and on the way back, I put on some music. I swerved to avoid something, skidded right over to the other side of the road, tried to regain control of the car, turned the car over and crashed into a wall and a tree. I found that I couldn’t get out of the doors and had to struggle out of the boot. The car is a total write-off. I went into a nearby house and called grandad and had a cup of tea and then the police arrived and the breakdown truck et al. God! I had a breathalizer test, but I haven’t had a drink since Saturday, so there was absolutely no reaction. Eventually got home feeling tired and shaken. I needed to tell someone so I rang up Tony and talked to him for about an hour. Eventually got to bed, but found it difficult to sleep. Still worrying about what mum will say.”

Wednesday 2nd May “Really interesting day. I’ll tell you about it after Dallas.”