A most entertaining pile of crap…

My second pilot of the day is Thieves, which was frankly the most entertaining pile of crap I’ve seen in months. The plot is totally ridiculous – two crack thieves – one male and one female – are foiled during an attempted hoist. There is continual sexual tension between them and – apparently for this reason – the government keeps them on to recover stolen items for the government. Complete hokum and glorious fun. Hart to Hart meets Nikita with a dash of Moonlighting thrown in for good measure. The copy I saw was clearly mid-production – a variety of special effects shots hadn’t been added yet, and the music was directly lifted in from ‘relevant’ movies as a placeholder (particular treats including bits of music from Out of Sight, American Beauty and Snatch). The end of the episode was a bit mid-budget / Baywatch Nights abandoned warehouse-style final confrontation cliché-of-the-week, but generally, everyone was pretty cool, pretty good and pretty damn pretty.