September 11th and weblogs…

September 11th 2001 was the busiest posting day ever for Blogger, as thousands of people ran to the web for information, discussion and to put their experiences in view of the world. Ev also launched a short-term Attack Search Page so that the world can get first hand accounts of what’s happened and what people are saying about the attacks. The same trend – running for information from the web – seems to have gripped the planet, resulting in the largest stress on the Internet ever – unfortunately with many people using the free, international space to blame and threaten countries, religions, ethnic groups and cultures across the world. Various sites have taken the strain of getting information out to the people, including Barbelith and Metafilter as major sites like CNN and BBC News temporarily collapse under the strain. To all New Yorkers – friends and strangers alike – while we fear what is yet to come, our hearts are with you at this time. And via Brainsluice, the picture that says it all.