The Return of Disinformation…

Disinformation is back, and with a range of perspectives on events in America over the last week.

US terrorist attacks: due to circumstances beyond our control . . .: “The anti-globalist movement has existed at the fringes of American politics for several reasons. Understanding these reasons reveals the hidden complexity and undercurrents of the American political landscape. A more in-depth understanding can also serve as a buffer against the perils of groupthink.”

Terrorism and witch hunts: “‘Inevitable Ring to the Unimaginable’ by Australian journalist John Pilger, argues that “the US and its sidekicks, principally Britain, have exercised, flaunted, and abused their wealth and power ‘for so long they shouldn’t be surprised if those they have victimized fight back.’ Among many examples, he cites the 200,000 Iraqis killed during the Gulf War, and the million others who have since died in Iraq as a result of US/UK sanctions, and concludes that ‘Western terror is part of the recent history of imperialism.’
This perspective is directly contradicted by former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s ‘Response Must Destroy the Network that Shelters Terrorism.’ Kissinger writes that countries harboring terrorists ‘must pay an exorbitant price’ (ironic given that the US trained and funded Bin Laden and at least a few of the hijackers) and calls the World Trade Center attacks ‘a threat to our social way of life and to our existence as a free society.'”