It's kind of hard to

It’s kind of hard to post at the moment to – I mean – I am spending all day writing short bits of content, sometimes including links, for a site which is updated constantly throughout the day and which I hope will promote some form of discussion. In a sense I’m weblogging all day – just not on I don’t want to keep pushing and promoting TCN – even though that’s what I’m working on – but in lieu of proper content, here are a few of my recent news stories from the ‘other’ site:

Clooney’s Pet Pig Prang
George Clooney – movie star and heart-throb – is known for his devotion to his pet pig “Max”. This is, bizarrely, not a euphemism. But who does he value more – his friendship to Tommy Hinkley, or Max’s life? This was put to the test recently when Hinkley accidentally ran over the poor porcine pet… Hinkley says, “Max is a black pig and it was dark. It seems kind of funny now but at the time it certainly wasn’t. We thought he might lose his leg, but it looks like it will be okay.” [Discuss this item]

Anthony Hopkins “I’m no tart”
What’s a celebrated actor (known for his masterful rendition of salivating serial killers) to do when a female fan gropes his ass and whispers saucy suggestions in his ear? And in Starbucks of all places? Well, if you were Sir Anthony Hopkins, you’d spin round, remove the offending hand and proclaim, “Excuse me, miss, but I’m no tart!” [Discuss this item]

Billie Piper Survives Virgin Cull
It’s not what you think… Despite Virgin Records purging itself of unprofitable ‘talent’, Chris Evans’ wife and barely post-pubescent pop-star Billie Piper has survived… The record company denied initial reports that the singer, who hasn’t released a single for a year, was to be dropped from the label. [Discuss this item]

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