So I'm kind of obsessed

So I’m kind of obsessed at the moment by the TV show Action which is played just after midnight on Thursday evenings on Channel 4. Now I’ve no doubt that my American weblogging colleagues will find such a fascination ridiculous, but the show is tremendous – invigoratingly subversively mean. For the few of you who don’t know about this iconic series, it follows the travails of Peter Dragon (Jay Mohr) and his ill-fated attempts to make epic movie “Beverley Hills Gun Club”. So far he’s been outed by a major celebrity who came out as gay after giving him a blow-job, thrown a baby across the room because it barfed on him, hired a prostitute and a pimp as major development executives and said the classic line, “I’m telling you, I was standing next to Jamie Lee Curtis at the urinal!” Sick, twisted genius…