So the project that I'm

So the project that I’m doing editorial work for is beginning to look quite exciting. It’s very much in a beta-phase – final design and functionality is still being resolved, and I’m still scouting around to find the best tone for the place. But there’s still something here that all of you can play with.

The site is called – and it’s essentially a community site – its heart and soul is the messageboard. The site is there for people to post to when they see celebrities, to talk about the latest trashy celebrity news, and to find out all kinds of useless information that they’ll be able to show-off with down the pub with there friends. Examples: Over the last few weeks I have found out that Madonna’s just recoved from a hernia, that Sharon Stone’s brain blew up and that even Calista Flockhart is fed up of Ally McBeal being such a whiny old bird.

So now I’m directing other people to come and play on the message board – come and discuss the latest absurd celebrity news, find out where Sade gets her Jamaican foodstuffs – seek out celebrities on push bikes. And give us all the feedback that you can manage (do it on the board if you want – we’d all love to hear it), so that by the time we launch it properly, it will be the best it can be. And in the meantime I’ll leave you with a little piece of my most recent news:

Scientologists look forward to a future of ponies, children and global thermonuclear war While stars like Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kelly Preston and Jenna Elfman preside over the opening of a San Franciscan Scientology center for children, their ‘church’ elders are busy building a vast underground bunker just in case of nuclear war. Should a blast incinerate much of America and bring about a global winter lasting decades, those few that remain will have the company of the Pulp Fiction star, his wife, that guy that was in Mission Impossible and some bint off TV. Our future is clearly safe in their hands. Jenna Elfman is reported to have said, “We are not one to be caught off guard.” [discuss this item]