The Barbelith Server Fund…

Yet again, Barbelith is creaking under the strain of bandwidth that I can’t afford to maintain. This month looks likely to be running at the 600Mb a day mark. And, remaining sporadically employed as I do, I can’t afford the $100 – $125 a month that this costs. So I’ve finally snapped…

VOLUNTARY SUBSCRIPTIONS VIA PAYPAL: If you would like to help pay for the cost of maintaining barbelith (and the barbelith underground), then you can do so by donating $2.50 a month via Paypal. You can cancel your subscription at any time with no notice, via Paypal itself. It’s PURELY voluntary – it won’t affect your ability to use the site if you don’t subscribe, but barbelith really does need support if it is to continue running at this level.

If I can get fifty subscribers, we can pay the bandwidth bills and also move to‘s “High Volume” account, which would give us room to nearly double in size if necessary. And if we can get one hundred subscribers, we can actually get a Barbelith Server Of Our Own. This would mean no more time-outs, substantially fewer massive server errors ever ten minutes, and a considerably smaller chance of the whole damn site going tits-up every six months. As soon as we get enough people to get a server, we won’t accept any more donations. This is literally JUST to cover bandwidth and maintenance costs.

You can: Donate $2.50 (around £1.75) a month
Or: Donate $5 (around £3) a month.