Saturday night in a nutshell:

Saturday night in a nutshell: Funny days Saturdays. The last year’s been kind of difficult, so it was a delight to rediscover that I’m able to go outside and have an angst-free evening with people I really like. I went into town to buy a birthday present for a friend – wandered around the shops and met up with Davo before wandering down to meet Dan at the Retro Bar for the Big Gay Blogmeet (2). Many poofs were in attendence – I won’t go into too much detail about who could and couldn’t come. Everyone seemed nice and fun and up for a good time. Dan was a particular delight – a lovely, charming gentleman full of interesting conversation. If you can only choose one gay weblogger for your Christmas hamper, I would thoroughly recommend him.

Since I left that meet at around nine, I found myself very late for my cross-town birthday party. And I have to be honest – I was kind of dreading it. I’m not always the most sociable of people, and over the last few months I’ve got very used to, and comfortable with, my own company. But the whole party was a delight. Two of my old flatmates were there – neither of whom I was expecting to see. Plus Kate from my current flat. The Kitsch Bitch herself made an appearance. And Josh and Leon – two old school-friends of my host – were also present.

At this point I should probably mention that I’m extraordinarily washed out and am writing badly. If you want glamour and sex, you should probably go read NotSoSoft.

Anyway – as evenings go this one would be hard to top – there were balloons to blow up and assemble, large amounts of wine and vodka, occasionally more potent substances, really nice company and a lot of opportunities to catch up with some of my nearest and dearest. Thank god for friends. Here’s to you, Nick!