Tom Coates Explains Everything (Part Two)

1) Bart – if you think of the cat as being at one point in time (a), the transposition of the cat’s mind into the mouses body as being at another (b) and their meeting as happening at point (c) – then it seems clear that the cat could not know for certain at point (c) that the mouse he was in fact confronted with was himself temporally translocated and post-sentience-transferral. It wouldn’t have happened to him yet. So the only thing you’d be left with was in fact the possibility that the cat might intuit this fact or that the mouse would attempt to communicate with his earlier cat-self. For the cat not to eat the mouse he’d have to place credence in the fact that the mouse was himself after travelling in time – which would be a hard enough concept for me to believe – and I can only assume a cat would have no more luck finding it plausible in every-day life. Plus kudos for being the person with the dumbest question so far!