Brief words about the Rushkoff lecture…

Brief words about the Rushkoff lecture: 1) If you are the astonishingly beautiful young man wearing a dark blue jumper with a pale blue and white bullseye on the front, with a tendency to get flushed in the face, then my e-mail address is 2) Before the lecture, Davo was treated to an impromptu performance from my glove puppy and glove bunny. 3) I asked two questions – one about establishing where we look to for definitive information regarding matters that we have no immediate experience of (in essence, “Who should we trust?”), and another about the relationship between individual, community and state. 4) I embarrassed myself in front of Douglas Rushkoff himself by talking loudly about “The Most Important Thing In The World” as we past him after the lecture, and being asked by him what I was talking about, and having to confess that I was talking about cigarettes.