Lining up permalinks with paragraphs in CSS…

Geek CSS question: When I’m writing all my blog entries I put in all the paragraph and line break tags by hand. I feel (for some reason) that this makes things much more adaptable. Except of course that I’m evidently wrong since it presents several formatting problems with things like permalinks.

The first problem is that by definition the permalinks cannot be ‘inline’. They have to be placed outside the paragraph tags that I carefully put in each post. Which means that they have to occupy a separate paragraph. In order to get the current effect, I’ve built in a process whereby Blogger constructs a table around each entry, and I use the first table cell to house the permalink.

But I’m working on converting to pure CSS layout and this is presenting some problems. If anyone has any ideas about how I might achieve the effect that I currently have on the site in pure CSS (or just how to fake an inline link), then I’d really appreciate your comments