Looks to me like Wil's

Looks to me like Wil‘s onto a winner. He’s selling personally autographed Next Generation stuff at the moment – and seems to be making a fair amount of money on it. Poor old Wil. Forever labelled by a character he played in an old sci-fi series.

Speaking of which, he was in the episode of Next Generation that I watched this evening on BBC2. The lines they gave that man must have been enough to drive a young man to suicide. His character was the lamest creature in fifteen star systems. Is it surprising that everyone hated him? Tonight some female character commented something along the lines of, “It’s just as well you’re cute, Wesley, otherwise you’d be insufferable”. If I found him cute I’d be some kinda pervert. So I’m left agreeing with her other sentiments alone. I keep thinking that maybe an older actor might have been able to play these lines in a less annoying way – but I’m not sure it’s possible. If you had Wesley for a child, you’d be continually encouraging him to act up. You’d be begging for it. You’d be going, “you want to have sex with a prostitute, son?” or, “Daddy’s got some heroin…!”