Sharp-eyed observers may notice the

Sharp-eyed observers may notice the addition of one tiny syllable to this site overnight. Yes, I’ve gone professional on your ass. First impressions of the upgraded Blogger are essentially positive. The post-to-future option is extremely interesting – and could be usefully used to help run a schedule as well as for more creative purposes. Draft posts is another useful feature – of course you’ve always been able to post something without publishing it – but this legitimately provides the possibility of developing content slowly over days or weeks before exposing it to the world.

Other than that, there are various odds and ends that I haven’t had the opportunity to play with yet – from title tags (I have yet to figure out what happens if you display title in the template when you have two years of posts without title tags) to the file upload feature (designed elegantly to allow you to specify where you want your files to go – although it would be good if there was an obvious place in settings where you could specify the default location). More interesting is the stuff to come – the return of the wonderful Blogger Search, archiving by post or by day etc. etc.

In the meantime – you can talk at greater length about the launch over at Metafilter.