While the European webloggers nominated

While the European webloggers nominated for Bloggies slowly relax in the knowledge that their brilliance has been quietly recognised, the real action is over at the Big Gay camp. While Sparky begs for your vote (so sad…), Ernie howls “Bring it on, girlfriend!” and Choire & Philo sharpen claws and freshen breath, it is left to my good self and redoubtable Jill Matrix to represent the cooler heads – the more adult and responsible side of the race for World’s Most Self-Indulgent Homo.

So whaddya reckon? Will it take me taking my clothes off, keeping my clothes on, a complete change of emphasis towards displaying pornography, secret weblogging gossip, or actual blow-jobs to get you people to vote for me? I wanna be the best damn poof in the whole darn world…