Giving Mr Massow a good firm thump…

Closer to home, and following the recent spate of publicity that this plasticbag has been getting, Davo has suggested that maybe this quote from Ian shouldn’t just be about Mr Massow after all: “It’s genuinely difficult to decide whether he’s an over-enthusiastic fantasist with a flair for self-publicity, or a charmed boy-wonder who simply needs to learn a few lessons about the way the world works.” When I find him I’m going to give him a firm thump.

Speaking of Mr Massow, the Guardian managed to mention the word “pillock” twice in today’s article about him. Poor chap’s handled this one a little badly, I fear – I don’t think anyone would protest if he said that he thought it was time that the art world readdressed itself to the needs of the general public. But instead he had to go and say that he wished art could just be “nicer”. Ouch.