When you are ready to

When you are ready to have a serious conversation about Green Lantern you have my e-mail address – and if you don’t, it’s Davo sent me this particular parody, mocking the adult comic book fan, and I have to confess that it is funny. Or at least, I imagine it must be if you don’t go through the whole thing going, “Wow – I remember Abin Sur – he was cool. And John Stewart. And Guy Gardner. And Jade. And the John Byrne reboot of Superman. And Hal Jordan before he went evil. And Sinestro. And… and… and…” And I imagine it would be particularly funny if you don’t finish the article and realise that you missed Kilowog and Arisia and the little chipmunk Green Lantern and the guy who looked a bit like a pickle with lots of arms who used to say things like, “In words of seventeen syllables…….” Green Lantern was always my favourite.