You have to love Michael

You have to love Michael Moore, you really do. I mean he’s just so on the money most of the time:

MOORE:† Yes.† I don’t — look, I don’t know what the percentage should be, but I certainly† believe, and I’ve you heard you say the same thing on the show, that you don’t think a company like Enron should go, you know, for four years without paying any taxes.†
O’REILLY:† No, it’s ridiculous.
MOORE:† Right?
O’REILLY:† It’s true.
MOORE:† I mean, that’s wrong, right?
O’REILLY:† And a company like Andersen should not be able to split off their Andersen† Consulting, move it to Bermuda and set it up there as…
O’REILLY:† Right, but those aren’t Americans.† Those are villains, OK?