The last couple of days

The last couple of days have been fairly strange exotic beasts – the job disappointment as ever knocked me for a loop for a good twenty-four hours. It’s always difficult to be rejected, I think, and I wonder if anyone ever really gets used to it. They always say that as one door closes another opens – but this seems to have been happening so regularly recently that after a while you have to start wondering, is this a revolving door? And am I trying to go through it the wrong way? Anyway – a couple of new possibilities have emerged – one of which looks particularly promising. So I guess I’ll just have to try and relax and go with the ride for a little longer…

After lunch yesterday with Cal, Matt and Phil, I ended up wandering around Central London trying t get a bit of perspective on things and finishing off my copy of Moon Palace – which stirred up a lot of thoughts about my father and my (vaguely) impending thirtieth birthday. I went for a brief drink with a friend who was celebrating his birthday and returned home, weirdly satisfied.

Today I’m in much finer form – I’ve got lots of work to do, lots of things to think about. Part of the cheeriness I’m feeling has to be due to the gift of Fahrenheit 451 that I received today from an anonymous donor as well as the delightful irony of having Sauron (from the Barbelith Underground) buying me a copy of Lord of the Rings from my wishlist. Thanks to everyone!