Cut and Paste Culture: Ok

Cut and Paste Culture: Ok – this is interesting. Or at least I think it’s interesting. Or more to the point, I find it interesting. Anyway – I have these two gorgeous computers on my desk – one’s a stunning PC, one’s a much more stunning iMac. And I often find myself trying to do things on the PC that can only be done easily on a Mac – like viewing .js files for example. On the Mac, you just open it in IE and it displays on screen. The default position for the PC seems to be to try and run it. Very annoying. So I’m working in Frontpage (don’t ask) on the PC and I have the javascript open in the browser window on the Mac, and I copy the chunk I want on the Mac, then turn around and pick up a different mouse and try and paste it into the PC. And it doesn’t work. And I look at the screen in blank astonishment. This has happened several times and every time I’m surprised.

So what I’m thinking is, when we cut or copy something from a computer, do we somehow think that we’ve picked it up physically? Or that we as individuals have kind of copied it to our individual head-space? Or am I just really lame?