Harry Potter: Ninja or Pirate?

Nick: Do you think Harry Potter is a Ninja or a Pirate?
Tom: I think Harry Potter is definitely a Ninja
Tom: it’s the cloak of invisibility
Nick: Really?
Tom: but Ron Weasley is WAY pirate
Nick: I would have said the relentless good feeling made Harry a pirate.
Tom: I’m going to categorise EVERYONE into categories of ninja and pirate from now on
Tom: Kate – ninja
Tom: Mella – pirate
Tom: Toby – pirate
Tom: Nick – ninja
Tom: Fenner – ninja
Tom: Tom – ninja
Tom: Saddam Hussein – pirate
Tom: Margaret Thatcher – pirate
Tom: Bill Gates – pirate
Tom: Steve Jobs – ninja
Tom: Noah Wyle – pirate
Tom: Steven Spielberg – pirate
Nick: Can I post this list?
Tom: if you want!
Nick: Nahhh.
Tom: I didn’t think so
Nick: Half the names mean nothing…
Tom: pussy
Tom: – ninja
Tom: doggy – pirate
Nick: But you could post a list…
Nick: Doggy?
Nick: Oh, right.
Tom: doggies! SOOOO pirates.
Nick: That’s SO true.
Nick: My God.
Nick: Now that would start a discussion, all right.
Tom: Hahaha
Nick: And Ninjas are, of course, creatures of the night, subversive, rejecting the male authority…
Tom: exactly
Tom: much like…
Tom: Britney Spears
Tom: – ninja
Nick: Subtle rather than confrontational, weaker in a head-on confrontation…
Tom: actually no. she’s a pirate
Nick: What?
Tom: close run thing though
Nick: Thank you.
Tom: depeche mode are ninjas
Nick: Yes.
Nick: Harrison Ford?
Nick: Pirate.
Tom: pirate
Nick: George Clooney?
Tom: pirate
Nick: Pirate city….