I'm a fish… I have no potatoes…

One of the best things abour working with geeks is that they understand the value of the ludicrous metaphor. Think of it this way: You’re building a community site for the BBC, and you have to explain the process of a discussion from germination in someone’s mind, to what’s put on the final page. You can’t do anything intuitive useful like actually discuss real conversations because then you get helpful replies like, “but no one would actually ask a question like that” or “but surely the answer to that one is really obvious?” So instead you have to say things like, “So I’m working at the BBC and I’ve noticed an lamentable absence of badgers in White City – sort it out!” or “I’m a fish – I have no potatoes – what do I have to do to get served around here?” Geeks understand this intuitively and immediately. Real people look at you funny.