Net Culture

Ten things to do…

Rather than call someone a wanker, why not…?

1) Have a long, slow, luxurious bath! Perhaps buy some expensive body lotions or bubble bath. Make sure it’s nice and hot and just sink into it!
2) Why not get a back-rub? If you’re that stressed, a calming back-rub can bring the smile right back to your face for a very reasonable fee.
3) Treat yourself to something small that you’ve never been able to justify buying before. Something like a CD or maybe some expensive hair products. It’s ok to be good to yourself. It really is…
4) Book a holiday! Aggression just slips away when you know you’ve got a holiday coming up. Think of the beaches, or the nightlife, or the food! Don’t you feel calmer already?
5) Why not go for lunch with an old friend? Old friends always like to catch up with each other – and all that chat will bring you right back to what’s really important! Don’t your problems seem small and insignificant now?
6) And if you can’t go out – why not get some wonderful food brought in! There are many glorious places to order food from in London. Just because you don’t have time to appreciate them, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have time to appreciate yourself!
7) Just take the afternoon off. Work’s not everything. Perhaps you’d feel better about things if you just got away from everything for a few hours.
8) A walk in a park is a wonderful way of valuing yourself more and might help you slow down. Smell the flowers! Look at the view! It’s not quite a holiday, but it’s a good thing to do every now and then…
9) Or perhaps you could have a picnic with friends? That’s several ideas all mixed together. And it’s bound to make you feel more content and relaxed….
10) And the easiest and simple way to make yourself feel better, and calmer and happier with the world? Just drink a few glasses of water, find somewhere peaceful and have a glorious relaxing afternoon nap…