Today I have a stinking

Today I have a stinking cold. I had it yesterday as well. Last night I felt like someone had drained my soul out of my feet. I had nightmares all night as well. But I can’t remember any of them. Here are some salient facts you might like to know about colds:

– Every year Americans suffer 1 billion colds.
– Exposure to cold weather does not cause the common cold.
– But cold-causing viruses often survive better in low humidity conditions – for example in the colder months.
– Using aspirin to treat a cold may make you more infectious as you increase the concentration of the virus in your sneezes.
– There is no definitive evidence that vitamin C eases or prevents colds.
– Some people say that Zinc Acetate Lozenges are a clinically proven cold cure. I suspect this may be bullshit.
– If you take normal decongestants and the like you’re less likely to splurt out viruses out your nose. You may spread less colds this way.
– Drinking milk does not increase green nasal cold goo.
– Taking Echincea apparently costs a lot and doesn’t do much if anything.

I forget where I found out most of those things. I should probably conclude with a US-style disclaimer: “Warning: May be Bullshit! If you die it’s not my fault!”