When you start work at

When you start work at the BBC you are given a temporary pass. They take a really unpleasant photo of you with the world’s cheapest digital camera and edit it so that it makes you look like you’re gurning, then they laugh and show it to their friends before printing it onto your pass. I’ve seen them do this. It’s true. The best thing about the pass is that if you’re very special you get given a little clip to put it onto your belt which includes this little mechanism so that you can pull out the pass on a little retractable cable and then let it go and it wizzes back to your waist. I have had much fun with this already. But the best thing about it is that there actually seems to be a culture involved in the wearing of it. I have been reliably informed that only dorks clip it to the front of their trousers. The hip place to put it is on the right-hand hip…