Fix my site!

Ok. Because I have an infinity of other things that I should be doing instead – including writing a presentation for a conference that’s getting remarkably close and move and sort out my next job and pack everything and sort out my taxes and… and… and… – I have of course decided instead to suddenly become serious about resolving the problems with‘s rendering on Mozilla. And when I say that I’ve become serious, what I mean is that I’m hoping desperately that one of you out there will be able to sort out the problem. Amaze your friends, fix a mostly functional CSS-based site!

Anyway, in order to be able to do this most effectively, I’ve uploaded the full Blogger template and you can access the CSS files for the front page and the archives. They’re very different. See if you can figure out why… Winning entry will be able to show me a functioning copy of displaying a couple of entries (over more than one day).