On things I did instead of the things that I should have been doing…

A brief list of things that I have been reading today and / or plan to read today after lunch with some very old friends in Primrose Hill and instead of doing what I should actually be doing, which is looking for a bloody flat:

Weblog Tool Round-up
In which consensus is drawn that of the various weblog tools and applications, Movable Type is the best. Which (in as far as the article goes) I would probably agree with. Particularly as of version 2.

Much ado about Blogging
In which Salon completely miss the point again (along with everyone else) about what the journalistic use of weblogging will be in the next ten years. I could tell you all what it is, but I’m concerned that someone else will do it first and if they do – no huge career for me! More on this stuff later. By the way, if anyone is looking for someone with incredible weblog experience who’s a trained journalist with experience in print and web, who also understands design and functionality and is prepared to pay me a fortune to work with programmers to demonstrate what’s going to replace the New York Bloody Times, then just e-mail me!

The Scourge of Arial
In which this guy argues that Arial is a bad copy of an unfashionable font (Helvetica) and that no one should really be using it any more as it’s basically only used by people who aren’t very professional.

Celine Dion fucking evil bitch
She kills iMacs! KILLS them! This is not the behaviour of a much-loved scrawny songstress. She’s supposed to be like sugar and spice, not CDR DEATH. One can only wonder how long it will take an iMac owner to sue the bitch’s bony ass off.

Webmonkey’s Guide to PHP
Having decided that a certain basic knowledge of PHP would not do me any hard – particularly as the Underground is now coded in it – I turn to Webmonkey for help…

Are you the kind of person who thinks that when Voyager travels through some space-gas, it shouldn’t generate vortices because there is no atmosphere? Are you interested in typography? In which case, this article should thrill you – it did me… In it the author takes you through several major modern movies set in the past and compares and contrasts their use of ‘period’ fonts. More interesting than it sounds… [and there’s still more at]