Online zeitgeisting…

I’m catching up a lot with the online zeitgeist today via Daypop and Blogdex, which – if I could still do scrolling marquees I would probably attach a tagline to: EAT THEM AS PART OF YOUR NUTRICIOUS BREAKFAST. Because of this quite a lot of the links that I reference have already been referenced to death. Which is why I’m going to add to the links with commentary and opinion….

Resurfacing Animosity Awaits Bush in Europe
The Washington Post has taken what would appear to be a fairly bland topic – the fact that fractures are becoming clearly visible between Europe and America around the ‘War on Terror’ – and explodes it into an incredibly balanced depiction of the current fundamental differences between the two cultures. As such this article is probably a must read for all English Eurosceptics, American Supremacists and everyone who really doesn’t understand that one of the fundamental political divisions in the world today is between collaborative and nationalist approaches. There’s a discussion on Barbelith about this discussion too.

Filepile password up for auction
Now I’ve wanted access to filepile for what seems like an eternity, but although I was using it back in the longago, I never actually appear to have registered. And of course now you can’t get in for love-nor-money. It says very clearly on the site that it’s not that hard to write (as PHP software goes), but god knows I couldn’t do it. The fascinating thing about this is that people are prepared to fight for access to a service of information, plus that people aren’t prepared to merely share it. This password actually is sellable. I suspect that if it wasn’t for the rabid copyright infringement that the site represents they’d have made it into a pay-for service months ago….