I've no idea whether this

I’ve no idea whether this is true or not – I guess people in the UK will see this evening:

Day 13, 12:50

If the housemates ever get a task based on their knowledge of geography, they would be advised to steer Jade well clear of answers.

As Jade woke Spencer this morning, her remarkable lack of geographic nous came to the fore. She may have already consumed a few small alcoholic beverages to toast her 21st birthday, but the following transcript is somewhat tough to comprehend. Starting by asking Spencer what he does for a living, this is bound to go down as a Jade chat that will live with her forever:

Spencer: “You know you see those people in Venice standing on the back of gondolas, pushing it around?”
Jade: “They don’t do that on the Thames though, do they?”
Spencer: “No. I don’t work on the Thames. I work in Cambridge.”
Jade: “Is there not the Thames there?”
Spencer: “No!”
Jade: “Is there a river called the Cambridge river?”
Spencer: “Yeah, it’s called the Cam.”
Jade: “Really? You swear? I only thought there was the Thames. I thought that was the main one in London.”
Spencer: “It is. I don’t live in London.”
Jade: “I’m confused. I thought Cambridge was in London. I knew Birmingham weren’t in London.”
Spencer: “Would you like to go and tell the group what you just said?”
Jade: “No…”
Spencer: “Cambridge is a city.”
Jade: “But we’ve got a city in London.”
Spencer: “Yes. This city is called London. And there’s different parts of it. Cambridge is a city.”
Jade: “Of where? Kent?”
Jade: “Well England’s a country, London’s a city, Bermondsey’s just a throw-off. Now where are you? What’s your country, and what’s your things?”
Spencer: “What country am I from? England. The city is called Cambridge, the county Cambridgeshire.”
Jade: “So not Kent then?”
Spencer: “Nooooo…. The region is called East Anglia.”
Jade: “East Angular? That’s abroad. Is there not a place called East Angular abroad?”
Spencer: “Jade, have you been taking the stupid pills again?”
Jade: “Every time people tell me they work in East Angular, I actually think they’re talking about near Tunisia and places like that. Am I thick?”
<<...>> <<...>>
Spencer: “Well, I hate to say it, but you are.”
Jade: “Cos Scottish and Irish and all that comes under England, doesn’t it?”
Spencer: “No… They come under Great Britain. Scotland and Wales have their own flags. Northern Ireland and Ireland are different.”
Jade: “So they’re not together? Where’s Berlin?”
Spencer: “Germany…”