In which Tom is greatly disgusted with life

So you’re given a choice between thing A and thing B.
And thing A and thing B are as nice as can be.
And there’s nothing you know that will help you, you see…
How do you decide ‘tween thing A and thing B?

Thing A has the glamour, the style and the verve.
Thing A is the best if you have got the nerve.
But that man who came asking and begging on knee.
He talked and he talked of the cool of thing B

Thing A was unsure, but then suddenly not.
Now that thing’s the thing that the other thing’s not.
But you already decided that B was for you.
Whatever dear reader should our hero do?

He went with his heart which said “you must be true”,
To back out on whim is the wrong thing to do.
And integrity means that you can’t just decide,
To laugh at the man to whom ‘yes’ you’d replied…

A month gone and what’s wrong? Do you feel you were had?
Has thing B that was promised so good gone so bad?
And if it is peace that you’re trying to find…
Thing A would have driven you out of your mind.