On Lucky Star – advert, not movie…

It purports to be a film trailer. But the film isn’t on Benecio Del Toro’s entry on IMDB. It has a funky website, but it looks like a car advert. It’s directed by Michael Mann, corporate-hunting director of The Insider, and yet it’s actually a fucking advert for Mercedes Benz [more].

It can’t just be me that thinks this is really immoral, can it? I mean – surely it’s false advertising for a start? There is no product of that name. In fact it’s purely designed to make people believe it’s a movie and fool people into associating the car with it. It’s designed to mislead. Surely that’s appalling? That can’t be right?

PS – is this the kind of thing you associate with cool, decent, well-meaning, non-exploitative, intelligent happy brands – or is it in fact utterly duplicitous and foul?