On posts I don't have time to write

One of the terrible terrible (oh the pain) crises of weblogging is that when you have anything to write about in your life you have no time in which to write about it. So summaries of posts that I wanted to write but didn’t have time would probably be:

  • Austin Powers was good. Go figure.
  • Cal made me buy an X-Box.
  • Halo is really good.
  • The UpsideClown party was good fun.
  • Dan from has trousers with piss-flaps.
  • Sitting in Primrose Hill is really nice.
  • Shit! I left my keys in Primrose Hill.

  • How I gave a bottle of champagne to the taxi driver who helped me rescue my keys.
  • Why is everyone trying to set me up with their friends?
  • I’m on a weird low-carb diet.
  • Lunch with the guy from Guardian Unlimited was very interesting, and now I’ve got some good ideas.
  • Air Conditioning is a very very good thing.