One of the most gob-smacking parts of my birthday weekend was when my web-chums circled around me and, separating me from the flock of non-geeks, herded me gently but insistently into the conservatory. There they revealed to me that there had been a huge behind-the-scenes conspiracy going on for some weeks to get together enough money for me to get a digital camera. My eyes got a bit weird and scared when they told me this. Wider and weirder when they told me about this and mentioned who had contributed…

Well today I went with Katie and Mo Morgan to a little camera shop in North London and bought a little Ixus V2 with the ill-gotten gains, so finally you can expect a decent amount of pictures on It was really surprisingly exciting and I felt all weird but kind of nice about it. Well anyway – I’m going to e-mail everyone independently, but I thought I should do it all publically too. So lots of thanks to:

While I’m at it – thanks to Ms Hourihan for her instructions on how to destroy the world with computers – and to the other couple of people who sent me stuff from my wishlist – but didn’t put their names in!